The SONIC START® STREAMLINE™ is now available for the PISTA® and in two models: outdoor or indoor. The clean and simplified SONIC START® STREAMLINE™ Prime Sensing System relocates the solenoid valve and frees 50% of the original fitting connection points for an improved priming system. 

Our innovative and streamlined design delivers superior product performance, quick, easy inspections and virtually no maintenance for years of hassle-free heavy-duty service. Coupled with a premium-efficient pump, the SONIC START® STREAMLINE™ make sense for you and the environment—saving you labor hours and costs, and reducing the carbon footprint with fewer maintenance trips required for a better tomorrow. 

Smith & Loveless has developed two models for the Top Mounted PISTA® TURBO™ Grit Pump to service both outdoor and indoor installations. The outdoor model features the SONIC START® Probe, SONIC START® STREAMLINE™ Dome Assembly, and the STREAMLINE™ Jacket (for most locations). The STREAMLINE™ Jacket is both insulated and heated to minimize cold weather issues down to -30F with the probe and dome assembly. It was also especially designed for easy removal. Please reference the map for outdoor locations needing the STREAMLINE™ Jacket. 

SONIC START® STREAMLINE™ is also available with an explosion-proof option to meet all Class I, Division I, group D requirements. The explosion-proof option includes an explosion-proof SONIC START® Probe and explosion-proof SONIC START® STREAMLINE™ Solenoid Valve to meet all Class I, Division I, Group D requirements. 

The new SONIC START® STREAMLINE™ has been installed in multiple test locations, specifically on Top Mounted PISTA® TURBO™ Grit Pump installations and performed with significantly less maintenance since their test unit installation date. Take a look at the list below and see how Smith & Loveless’ quality translates into savings for you!

  • 50 percent fewer fitting connections
  • Takes grit pump pressure off of vacuum tubing and tubing fittings
  • Solenoid mounted on top of vacuum dome for improved priming
  • Minimizes H2O and debris from reaching the vacuum tubing
  • Two models: outdoor and indoor
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