TITAN MBR™ Membrane Bioreactor

Smith & Loveless Inc. proudly offers TITAN MBR™, our latest pre-engineered wastewater treatment system for municipal, onsite and industrial applications. The innovative TITAN MBR™ combines the wastewater treatment engineering expertise of S&L with submerged, flat-plate membrane technology. The combination yields a dynamic membrane biological reactor (MBR): a system that provides end-users with high-quality treatment performance, minimal operational requirements, and a robust design that will stand the test of time. TITAN MBR™ delivers results with value-added engineering experience available only from S&L.

Systems come in standard and custom designs, and result in smaller footprints than conventional systems. The submerged membrane eliminates the need for clarifiers and sand filters, and it produces significantly better effluent quality. Integral zones can be added to meet particular effluent goals, including nutrient removal, disinfection, sludge holding and post-aeration.

Flowsup to 3,000,000 GPD per tank (11,350 cmd)
Higher flows for field-erected systems
ModelsFactory-Built, Field-Erected, Steel & Concrete
DesignBOD, TSS & Nutrient Removal
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  • Easy-clean S&L Flat-Plate membrane design
  • No permeate pumps required:  gravity flow design
  • Proven designs and quality-control
  • Flexible process options that are operator friendly
  • More economical cleaning method: clean-in-place
  • Perform maintenance without shutting down operation
  • Exclusive epoxy & polyurethane coated S&L V-Crimp walls
  • Process guarantees and full customer support
  • No separate membrane tanks with recycle pumps
  • No integrity testing required

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