QuickSmart™ System Controls Retrofit

Delivering simplified operation yet powerful pump station control, QUICKSMART™ Station Controls provide unparalleled ability to monitor and adjust all of your pump station functions. A new layout makes control modifications, screen navigation and viewing of pump station status easier than ever, with screen function buttons and a status bar acccesible from each screen. Added features take station controller functionality to new levels. Like a new maintenance log feature, which displays periodic recommended operation / maintenance instructions and makes lubrication suggestions based on actual pump run times. Or improved help/troubleshooting support and a new I/O Status screen that displays controller digital and analog I/O status.


Standard Features

  • Graphical Pump Running Indication
  • Lead Pump Indication
  • General Alarm Indication
  • Individual Alarm Messages for Each Alarm Function (w/ Time and Date)
  • Alarm Logging, Coded for “Time” active or “Return Time” time cleared - Last 500 Events
  • Alarm Silencing
  • Digital Indication of Air Temperature
  • Digital and Graphical Indication of Wet Well Level
  • Graphical Indication of Prime or Pump Failure
  • Digital Indication of Elapsed Run Time for Each Pump
  • Digital Indication of Elapsed Run Time for Parallel Pump Operation
  • Digital Indication of Level Control and Alarm Settings
  • Date & Time Indication, with Set Time Functionality
  • Heater/Blower Running Indication
  • “Help” Screens
  • Wet Well Level Simulation
  • Prime Mode Selection (CONSTANT PRIME™/ On-Demand Prime)
  • I/O Status for the Controller’s Digital and Analog Inputs and Outputs
  • Maintenance Log (Service Required, and Individual Pump Notification Messages)
  • Reset Function:
  • - Running Time Meters
  • - Alarms
  • Set Points:
    - Wet Well Levels (Factory Default and Field Specific)
    - Alarm Levels
    - Heater Operation
    - Vent Fan Operation
  • Alternation Modes:
    - Sequenced or Timed Pump Alternation
    - User-Defined Time Intervals
    - Lead Pump / Lag Pump Designation
  • PLC Station Control
  • Alarm Management
  • Wet Well Level Simulation
  • Prime Mode Selection
  • Help / Troubleshooting Info
  • Graphical Pump Notifications
  • English / Spanish Languages
  • Pump Overload Trip Alarm
  • Power Failure
  • Simultaneous Start Time Delay
  • Phase Monitor (Incoming Power)
  • Digital Flow Rate Indication
  • Station Intrusion Alarm
  • High-High, Low and Low-Low Level Alarms
  • STATIONCOMM™ Remote Text Communication
  • Vacuum Release
  • Motor Amperage Display

Function Controls

  • Pump On / Off Levels
  • Alarms (Display / Acknowledgement)
  • Wet Well Level Simulator
  • Environmental System Set Points
  • Pump Run Time Meters
  • Two Priming System Modes
  • Maintenance Reminders
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