X-PELLER® Non-Clog Pump Impeller

The X-PELLER® was specifically designed for high volumes of trash pumping applications and low flow conditions in 4" (75-800 GPM), 6" (75-1,000 GPM) and 8" (300-1,700 GPM) vacuum primed and flooded suction Smith & Loveless pumps.

In numerous field tests, it was successfully proven that the X-PELLER® effectively expels high volumes of stringy materials, rags and other unusual trashy items due to its mono-port design. In these highly problematic installations, after the X-PELLER® was installed, clogging problems were virtually eliminated. Some of these wastewater pumping applications include prisons, fairgrounds, college residence halls, and auto repair shops. The X-PELLER® has been retrofitted and is successful in solving clogging problems caused by variable frequency drives and low flow issues.

The standard Smith & Loveless impeller rarely clogs; however, if you are faced with a high volume of trash pumping application, it is nice to know there is now the X-PELLER® by Smith & Loveless.

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