Underground Pump Station Retrofit

Double the Life of Your Station

The Smith & Loveless Underground Pump Station is built-to-last. This classic established the quality features and benefits that you’ve come to expect from Smith & Loveless Pump Stations, designed for longlasting service and continuous human occupancy. Double the life of your station by Retrofitting modern equipment in a proven design.

Upgrade Your Station Today!

  • Improve Operator Safety – Move the control Panel to grade level minimizing the operator from having to enter the dry well for daily maintenance.
  • Cost Effective – Upgrade and replace components as needed. Need just the valves, or all new replacement components? We have you covered.
  • Changing Flow Conditions - Flow conditions change in 40+ years. There is never a better time to upgrade your pumps to meet demand.
  • Eliminate Ragging – Upgrade to the X-PELLER ® which effectively expels high volumes of consumer flushables, including wipes, rags, and other stringy material. The X-Peller significantly reduces the need dismantle the pump to unbind the impeller.
  • Get Smart with Quicksmart – Smith and Loveless offers a State-of-the Art touch screen PLC that delivers an unparalleled ability to monitor and adjust all of your pump station functions.
S&L Customer Spotlight - Big Bear City, CA eliminated clogs since 2013 with X-PELLER®

The Complete Retrofit Package

  1. Directly replace existing piping and valves for easy install and factory performance.

  3. Upgrade and replace the environmental equipment, including ventilation blower with 30 air changes per hour, dehumidifier, sump pump, and lighting, allows for continuous human occupancy and provides a dry, comfortable climate in which to work.

  5. Directly replace the complete S&L Non-Clog Pump with premium efficient inverter ready motor that has a service life for decades. If needed, S&L can change flow conditions to meet your demand.

  7. Directly replace or install a new QUICKSMART™ station control panel at the top of the station to improve operator safety and convenience. S&L can provide a local junction box in the station to make wiring a breeze and preserve local HOA controls. VFD and soft start options are available.

  9. Replace the existing High strength fiberglass entrance cover, ladder extension, and safety prop bar for maximum operator safety. Contact S&L for maintenance lift options.

  11. Sand and re-coat the walls of the dry-well with new, color matched Versapox epoxy coating provided by S&L to prevent rust and maximize the life of the station.

  13. Replace or Retrofit the sacrificial anode to prevent rust and maximize the life of the station

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