DURO-LAST Model S Conversion

A Secret Weapon for Surviving
Tough Economic Conditions

Every Smith & Loveless Pump is designed, engineered and built to last. In fact, Smith & Loveless Pumps perform efficiently for so long that customer’s frequently reuse pumps when upgrading to the newest hood and piping arrangements.  Extend the life of older Smith & Loveless Classic Wet Well Mounted Pump Stations by more than 25 years when upgrading to the new DURO-LAST® MODEL S CONVERSION: available in Classic or FORMULA X®. 

By reusing existing rotating assemblies and controls, significant cost savings are realized when upgrading. Both the Classic and FORMULA X® models come with an exclusive 25-Year Warranty* on the 316/LDX stainless steel baseplate. They also
include volutes, station piping, fiberglass hood with hood lift assist and hardware, wet well access entrance, control panel mounting struts with vacuum pump shelf, hood, blower and vents. For a mere $500 adder, the entire 2-pump prime sensing system can be upgraded to the virtually maintenance free SONIC START® STREAMLINE™, which includes two new heavyduty vacuum pumps. 

Every Smith & Loveless pump station is designed for easy and low maintenance, reliability, an extremely long equipment life cycle, and when the time comes . . . easy upgradability. The new DURO-LAST® MODEL S CONVERSION builds upon this mission by upgrading to the latest in pump station innovation and it is backed with a 25-Year Warranty*. 

Take advantage of this new offer . . . especially when packaged with the SONIC START® STREAMLINE™ add-on! Start converting older Smith & Loveless pump stations to the latest DURO-LAST® MODEL S CONVERSION with stainless steel baseplate and 25-Year Warranty* today. Call your local Smith & Loveless Representative today for pricing.

* The 25-Year Warranty starts on the day the equipment ships and it covers only parts - replacement or repair - of the 316/LDX stainless steel baseplate.

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