S&L Modular FAST® Fixed Activated Sludge Treatment System


Proven. Resilient. Scalable. These attributes accentuate the patented S&L Modular FAST® [Fixed Activated Sludge Treatment] biofilm process pioneered by Smith & Loveless. Specially designed to accommodate the constant fluctuations encountered by small-flow and on-site applications, S&L Modular FAST® adapts quickly to hydraulic shock loads and extended periods of low-flow without daily operator attention required, making it ideal for schools, camps and small flow commercial operations. And for private developments anticipatinggrowth, adding modules to existing tankage allows for phased growth over time. Achieve BNR requirements with optional processes.

Flowsup to 100,000 GPD (380 cmd)
Factory-Built, Field-Erected, Steel & Concrete
ModelsHigher flows for field-erected systems
DesignBOD, TSS & Nutrient Removal
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How It Works

S&L Modular FAST® Benefits

  • Handles wide flow and load variations while preventing biomass washout
  • Aesthetics: No odors; design allows the system to be hidden underground
  • Less O&M than activated sludge plants; optional automation / messaging
  • Effluent quality extends leach field life, which can reduce field area reqs.
  • Achieves nitrification and denitrification when appropriately configured
  • Airlifts provide aeration and mixing, eliminating diffuser maintenance

Smart Automation Options
Add these smart automation options to increase to further simplify, enhance operation reduce time:

  • Automatic air scouring
  • Automatic valves
  • Automatic screening
  • Automated maintenance messaging and alerts
  • Noise reduction and odor control packages


  • Decentralized / on-site private developments
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Schools and university facilities
  • Campgrounds, retreat centers, and recreation
  • Restaurants, shopping and commercial centers
  • Wineries and breweries with leach field discharge
  • Lagoon effluent polishing for tighter regulations
  • Retrofit in aeration basins to boost capacity

Retrofit Applications

  • Increased flow capacity
  • Nitrification/Denitrification
  • Combination of increased capacity and nitrification
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