PISTA® OPTIFLOW 270® Baffle System Retrofit

With more than 3,000 PISTA® Grit Chamber installations worldwide, Smith & Loveless continues to advance the science of grit removal with the new patent pending OPTIFLOW 270® Baffle System for any  270° vortex unit. The OPTIFLOW 270® Baffle System brings previously unachieved grit removal efficiencies to any 270° vortex unit, improving grit removal to 95% of 150 microns during peak and low flows alike.

Designed by the team that created the PISTA® 270, the OPTIFLOW 270®B baffle fits inside the grit chamber at the exit, directing the flow toward the hopper for an additional pass along the flat-bottomed chamber floor for grit removal. This revolutionary baffle system reduces the weir effect at the outlet, keeping more fine grit within the chamber and improving the toroidal flow path within the PISTA® Grit Chamber. The OPTIFLOW 270®LFB baffle is installed on all units where the lowest flow rate is below 60% of the design rate. This inlet channel baffle maintains influent velocities to provide proper entry velocity into the main chamber vortex.

The key to grit removal excellence is a flat chamber floor design and forced vortex operation. With the OPTIFLOW 270® STF any sloped floor vortex system can now be converted into a flat floor. The OPTIFLOW 270® is making higher grit removal efficiencies an any 270 degree forced vortex grit chamber a reality.

Capacitiesup to 100 MGD (378,500 cmd)
Arrangement270° with OPTIFLOW 270™ Baffle
Removal %95% down to 150 microns

Grit Removal Efficiency

PISTA® OPTIFLOW™ Baffle Features Video
PISTA® Headworks

Increase Removal Efficiency
Achieve 95% grit removal down to 100 mesh on 270 degree vortex units by any manufacturer. Improve PISTA® 270 performance from 65% removal of 100 mesh and 85% removal of 70 mesh to 95% grit removal down to 100 mesh.

Utilize Your Existing Grit Chamber
Achieve cutting edge grit removal capabilities by inserting OPTIFLOW 270® Baffle System into existing concrete 270 degree units.

Maximize Grit Capture
Improve 270 degree vortex chamber pathways, and direct the grit path down into the grit hopper.
One Time Cost
Extremely low operational energy requirements and few moving parts makes this system a virtually maintenance free way to reach 95% grit removal down to 100 mesh.

Prevent Grit Settling
Because flow data is not available during the initial installment of a grit removal unit, grit chambers are often built larger than they actually need to be. These oversized grit chambers can have problematic grit settling in the inlet. The OPTIFLOW 270® Baffle System solves this problem, consistently transporting grit from the influent channel into your 270 degree unit and down to the hopper despite variable daily flows & oversized grit chambers.

270® STF

The 270®STF Slope To Flat Chamber Floor Conversion is necessary only for non-PISTA® vortex grit chambers constructed with a sloping chamber floor. To ensure the efficient transport of grit and simultaneous lifting and discharge of organic material, the bottom of the chamber must be at a constant  elevation.  An OPTIFLOW 270®STF adapter ring will be added, and the chamber floor will go from Slope To Flat to enhance the toroidal flow path within the chamber.

270® B

The 270®B Exit Baffle is the essential component to every OPTIFLOW 270® Baffle System. Installed within the chamber at the exit, the 270®B directs the flow toward the hopper for an additional pass along the flat-bottomed chamber floor for grit removal.

The 270®B increases grit removal efficiency to 95% down to 100 mesh (150 micron) on 270 degree grit chambers from any manufacturer - including the PISTA® 270™ Grit Chamber.

270® LFB

The 270®LFB Low Flow Baffle is installed on most units. Bisecting the influent channel, this partition makes it possible for your existing unit to handle a wide range of flows while maintaining optimum influent channel velocity of 2 to 3.5 ft/sec
for grit transport with  minimum turbulence. The 270®LFB also helps provide the proper entry velocity into the main grit chamber.

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