PISTA® DURALYTE® Grit Concentrator

The Smith & Loveless PISTA® DURALYTE® Grit Concentrator offers durable and efficient grit concentrator performance with a light-weight bottom cone that can be changed out by a single technician. The PISTA® DURALYTE® effectively washes collected grit while delivering extended service life beyond standard concentrator designs.
DURALYTE® is an extremely durable and lightweight manufactured material, categorized as a polymer based upon its chemical structure. The upper portion is Ni-hard, while the lower portion is a replaceable polyblend.

This scientifically-formulated, proprietary polymer is specifically designed with an embedded silicon carbide insert for the PISTA® DURALYTE® Grit Concentrator cone. This exclusive compound is resistant to abrasion, cracking, tearing, heavy loads, high impact, and harsh environments like those in wastewater treatment facilities and industrial plants.*

* For installations with combined sewer systems, high I&I (infiltration and inflow) or unusually heavy grit loads, a bottom cone constructed of ultra-durable ni-hard is also available.

Flows250 GPM (16 lps) and 500 GPM (32 lps)
DesignNi-Hard / Polyurethane Blend
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