FIBROTEX® technology employs an expandable-bed fibrous filter element with a PLC. This enables the fibrous filter both to efficiently backwash itself automatically when fully loaded with solids, and to achieve exceptionally fine levels of filtration.

FIBROTEX® offers a significantly better filtrate and backwash efficiency and a much smaller footprint (75% less typically) when compared to sand and other multimedia filters. Backwash water acts as a carrier to remove the displaced particulates rather than as the primary cleaning agent as in other backwashable depth filters. As a result, backwashing is highly efficient and requires a low volume of backwash water. Backwash rates are typically less than 2% of the filtrate and last only for a few minutes. Employing multiple units allows for continual flow and operation 24 hours a day with standby capacity available – even during backwash cycles.

Capacity100 GPM (6 lps) – 50 MGD (19,000 cmd)
Models AX5AX200 (Single to multiple unit config.)
Backwash3-5 minutes


  • Fine particle filtration
  • Prefiltration to RO ((for SDI removal)
  • Pathogen filtration from well water sources
  • Turbidity removal
  • Iron and manganese removal
  • Wastewater reclamation
  • Suspended solids removal
  • Rated as a fine filter, filtering particles as small as 1-2 microns
  • Requires only 25% of the floor space of traditional multimedia filters
  • Significantly less backwash water rate
  • Fully automatic with PLC controls

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