Fully tested in the field, the key development of DI-SEP® SX-DAF centers on the inclusion of robust dissolved air flotation incorporated into the filtration process. The addition of this step not only improves the filtration of organic material, but allows for less backwashing, no concern for wearing or clogging, and simple retrofitting into existing tankage. SX Filter market leader Smith & Loveless assists every step of the way. The DI-SEP® SX-DAF package includes: 

  • DAF Inlet Distributor
  • DAF Pump(s)
  • Instrumentation
  • Control Valves
  • PLC Controls or modification to existing controls
  • Field Service by S&L 


Filtration Rate10-15 GPM / sq. ft.
Backwash Rate6 GPM / sq. ft.
Tank Size Range9' 6" to 15' 6" (2.9 to 4.72 m) diameter
  • Superior Filtration Efficiency (Typical 99% organic removal)
  • Significantly Increased Throughput (2x-6x)*
  • Less Frequent Backwash - Less Downtime and Loss
  • Also Retrofits into Existing SX Filters (any brand)
  • No Increases to Tank Side Wall Required
  • Durable, Robust Design That Will Last
  • Available for All Tank Sizes

*Successfully tested up to 6X normal flow

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