Kraus-Fall Peripheral Feed Clarifier

Hydraulically efficient, the Kraus-Fall Peripheral Feed Clarifier design utilizes more of the clarifier volume than standard clarifier designs. Higher efficiency even at overflow rates in excess of 1,200 gpd/sq. ft. (48.9 cmd) make the Kraus-Fall Clarifier ideal for installations with wide variations in flow.

SORUp to 1,200 gpd/sq. ft. (48.9 cmd)
Sizing45’ to 120’ (13.7 m to 36.6 m) diameter
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Submerged Header

  1. Simplifies design, installation and maintenance.
  2. Full surface skimming eliminates problems associated with variable width inlet trough or skirt design clarifiers, such as the removal and freezing potential of scum in this area. .
  3. Creates an even distribution of liquids and solids around the entire periphery of the clarifier with a minimum of head loss. .
  4. Reduces equipment requirements, including inlet baffle, skirt, trough, and energy diffusion wells.
  • Greater inlet velocity than the rise rate prevents short-circuiting of the flow (vs. center feed)
  • Ideal for applications with high infiltration/inflow
  • Promotes efficient solids and liquid separation
  • Higher allowable overflow rates for peak and variable conditions
  • Reduces density currents by introducing the flow near the sludge blanket

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