Smith & Loveless Inc. Highlights the PISTA® TURBO™ Grit Washer

Friday, April 19, 2024

Triple-Action Washing Ensures the Removal of Abrasive Particles

LENEXA, Kan. – Smith & Loveless Inc. highlights the PISTA® TURBO™ Grit Washer, an advanced grit washing solution designed to effectively remove abrasive particles, extend the lifespan of downstream treatment plant equipment, and reduce maintenance expenses. This cutting-edge grit washer technology utilizes proven techniques to optimize grit separation, meeting rigorous environmental standards. The PISTA® TURBO™ Grit Washer boasts a sleeker, space-saving design when compared to European-style grit washers.

Employing TRI-CLEANSE TECHNOLOGY™, the PISTA® TURBO™ Grit Washer delivers clean, dry grit with less than 5% organic material. This process minimizes odors associated with putrescible organics and mitigates costs related to landfill restrictions. By incorporating air infusion, water flushing, and grit agitation, the technology ensures thorough cleaning and prepares the grit for disposal in a grit dumpster.

The grit slurry enters from the second stage PISTA® Grit Concentrator, into the PISTA® TURBO™ Grit Washer’s energy dissipation zone to reduce turbulence. Parallel plates in the settling zone enhance the retention of fine grit by providing the surface area required to capture 95% of grit particles down to 100 and even 75 microns, ensuring optimal performance.

The custom-engineered screw auger, available in various lengths to suit specific applications, incorporates mixer fluidizing vanes in the washer hopper and a continuous shaft design off the flight segment. This configuration facilitates effective grit agitation and separation of putrescible content. Additionally, this design prevents contact with the trough, eliminating the need for wear shoes and hardened edges—and associated O&M.

The QUICKSMART® Controller, made specifically for the PISTA® Grit Removal System, provides an intuitive touchscreen for simplified settings and data presentation. A dedicated PLC controller provides the necessary control functions to properly operate the PISTA® TURBO™ Grit Washer through its various cycles and to control the operation of the air infusion, grit wash water and spray water.

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