Smith & Loveless Inc. Highlights the PISTA® INVORSOR® Grit Removal System

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Industry-leading 95% grit removal efficiency down to 75 grit particles at all flow conditions

LENEXA, Kan. – Smith & Loveless Inc., the global leader in advanced grit removal system technologies, highlights the innovative PISTA® INVORSOR® grit removal system. Designed to set a new standard in grit removal efficiency, the PISTA® INVORSOR® captures ultra-fine grit particles down to 75 microns, offering unmatched performance across all flow conditions. With nine unit model capacities ranging from 0.5 MGD to 50 MGD, it boasts the largest ultra-fine grit chamber single-unit model capacities by any manufacturer.

Inspired by extensive expert CFD modeling and developed rigorously in actual field conditions, the PISTA® INVORSOR® combines the power of proven particle capture methods: enhanced settling by inclined plates meeting a defined surface overflow rate [SOR] with established hydraulic forced vortex technology to achieve industry-best, 95% grit removal efficiency down to 75-micron particles across all flows. The powerful combination consistently yields industry-best removal efficiency during low flow, average daily flow, and peak flow conditions. Performance is never derated even for wet weather events, which can bring as much as 40 times the normal grit load.

The PISTA® INVORSOR® also offers significant design and cost-saving benefits to Water Resource Recovery Facilities and their partner engineers. Its variable inlet-outlet design capability provides designers with greater flexibility for channel layouts and placements. For larger systems and flows, the 50 MGD single-unit maximum capacity nearly quadruples the capacity of other 75-micron removal systems, which significantly reduces the system footprint and the amount of ancillary grit system componentry and infrastructure. All of which leads to much lower capital costs.

No company invests more in grit removal research and development than Smith & Loveless. The PISTA® INVORSOR® is the result of extensive research and innovation, representing the latest advancement in grit removal technology. Compared to other fine particle grit removal systems, the PISTA® INVORSOR® delivers lower capital and operational costs and a higher surface area-to-volume ratio to generate consistent ultra-fine grit capture.

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