Military & Federal Facilities

U.S. Military and government agencies specify S&L wastewater solutions because they deliver long-term, reliable service without commanding expensive operator attention and maintenance. 


For decades, Smith & Loveless has served their country with honor, providing long-lasting, durable water and wastewater treatment and pumping equipment that doesn't tax the operator with heavy-duty maintenance and operation or require audits from procurement authorities because of its long service life rating.

Backed by tens of thousands of installations and 70-plus years of engineering experience, Smith & Loveless is at your service. We offer a complete line of quality, pre-engineered wastewater treatment systems and pump stations for applications from 50 GPM up to 15,000 GPM and larger. They'll deliver the best value from the bid all the way through the long expected service life of their wastewater treatment and pumping equipment. Smith & Loveless also supports your investment with a full inventory of parts, complete equipment records and qualified service professionals. The featured product is the EVERLAST™ Wet Well Mounted Pump Station that is now at your command. With its above-grade access, non-clog pump, multiple control system options, 10-year limited warranty, sleek and easy-roll enclosure, the EVERLAST™ is the best value in wastewater pumping today! To learn more about Smith & Loveless installations in the Military/Federal facility industry, click the links at right.


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