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It's easy to GO ABOVE the wet well from submersibles to EVERLAST™ pump stations

EVERLAST™ Pump Stations eliminate your submersible pump pains like frequent pulling failed or clogged pumps, accessing dangerous confined space areas for O&M, extra staffing and safety equipment, and costly outside service costs and stocking.

You can solve all those problems with EVERLAST™. With long-lasting pumps above the wet well at ground level, we offer you:

  • 3x – 5x Longer non-clog Pump and Pump Station life
  • Equipment you can maintain easily without confined space entry
  • Documented 56% lower operational costs / 36% less labor time
  • Eliminates the need for outside contractors for routine maintenance
  • XPELLER® Impeller that eliminates clogging

Watch our video to see how easy it is to fix your submersible problems.

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Features that Make EVERLAST™ a Better Way

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Compare Submersibles to the Better Way… EVERLAST™

  • 3x-5x Longer Pump Life
  • 56% Lower O&M Costs
  • No Confined Space for Routine O&M
  • Install Station in Less than a Day

"It's an excellent piece of equipment... You don't have to be in the wastewater and deal with all the hazardous situations (like with submersibles)."

- L. Chappius, Maintenance Tech, Perryville, MO

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Say Goodbye to Pump Clogs

Non-Clog Impeller

Non-Clog Check Valve

Learn More about S&L Non-Clog Pump Technology Here

EVERLAST™ vs. Submersible Cost Comparison:

After more than a decade of study, one U.S. municipality discovered a large discrepancy in the cost of operation for its two primary types of systems, Above Ground and Submersible Pump Stations.

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