The PISTA® INVORSOR™ Difference


Inspired by extensive expert CFD modeling and developed rigorously in actual field conditions, the patent-pending PISTA® INVORSOR™ combines the power of proven particle capture methods: enhanced settling by inclined plates meeting a defined surface overflow rate [SOR] with the established hydraulic forced vortex to achieve industry-best, ULTRA-FINE grit removal efficiency down to 75-micron particle size across all flows with no derating.

Compared to other fine particle grit removal systems, the INVORSOR™ delivers lower capital and operational costs, larger capacity in individual units, greater design flexibility for inlet-outlet design options, and a higher surface area-to-volume ratio to generate consistent fine grit capture during low flow, daily flow and peak flow conditions — up to 50 MGD in single units [190,000 m3/d].

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