Grit Removal Research Center

Smith & Loveless’ new Grit Removal Research Center (GRRC)—the first of its kind in the industry—is now open to the visiting public and features a fully functional 4.0 MGD (15,000 CMD) Grit Removal System for the purpose of advancing S&L’s grit research, developing and displaying grit removal technologies and improving grit testing services.

Schedule your visit today to learn all about grit, the effect it has on wastewater process basins and collection systems, as well as S&L grit removal product offerings. See real grit flow paths and patterns, and simulate the actual conditions of your installation with the help of a product expert (and the variation of flow rate, velocity, grit characterization, grit loading, etc).

For S&L’s internal use, the GRRC will be an invaluable tool for advancing research, developing and displaying products and improving services.

Watch grit flow from the influent to the grit chamber inside a real PISTA® Grit Removal System.

Visit the Grit Removal Research Center

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